Tim Read Greens MP for Brunswick

What matters to you?

As our local MP, I’m fighting for our community. Please tell me what matters to you most, so I can be your voice in state Parliament.


Don’t see your issues here? Tell me what else matters to you.

Tim Read Greens MP for Brunswick

What matters to you?

As our local MP, I’m fighting for our community. Please tell me what matters to you most, so I can be your voice in state Parliament.


Don’t see your issues here? Tell me what else matters to you.

Hi, I’m Tim. A Brunswick local, here to represent you in the Victorian Parliament.


What I’m fighting for

I love Brunswick and our shared commitment to diversity and fairness. As a local, I want to keep Brunswick liveable.


I'm a Brunswick local and your representative in Victorian Parliament.

Hi, I’m Tim. I’m a dad, a doctor and medical researcher, and I’ve lived in Brunswick for over twenty years. 

Since 2018 I’ve been Brunswick’s MP in Victorian Parliament – and I’m the first Green to be elected here.

I’m committed to pushing the government further and faster on the climate emergency. We need to get Victoria off gas and coal, and ensure housing and infrastructure are developed sustainably.

I’m fighting to create for better conditions and protections for renters, more affordable housing, and I want new housing developments in our area to be planned with people, amenity and green space in mind – not profit.

Like lots of people in the inner-north, I ride my bike most places. And I want to see better bike lanes, and sustainable transport options in our area.

I’ve always loved getting out of the city and spending time in the bush. I’ve been on some great walks in the Otways, at the Prom and in Victoria’s high country. And I’ve rafted the Franklin River in Tasmania with my son. I want to see Australia’s forests, oceans and biodiversity protected from deforestation, mining, gas extraction and global warming. 

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Supermarkets won’t stop price gouging on their own. They’ll keep ripping you off for as long as they can get away with it.

The good news is that governments can step in and stop them - if they choose to. The Greens are pushing the Victorian Labor Government to regulate supermarkets to stop them from price gouging.

Help us keep the pressure on – join the campaign to stop supermarket price gouging – link in bio. And share this post to help us get the word out!

Last week I snagged a ticket to the show everyone`s been talking about...

Perpetual Stew!

I feel very lucky to live in an area filled with incredible artists and performers. Thanks for such a great show!

One of the biggest issues right now is housing, a problem especially felt by young people and the almost 50% of people who rent in Brunswick.

And yet @purplepingers is doing more to help those on the front line of the housing crisis than the state government.

Keep it up Jordan, step it up Labor.

Link in bio to join our renters` rights campaign!

Part 2. Facade Real Estate

When Parliament determines your office is not fit for human habitation, they find you a new office immediately. But when a renter is living in a home full of mould there are almost no routes to find support.

There are tenants living in Thornbury with no ceiling, renters inhaling dangerous mould, homes with inadequate heating and cooling, and if renters demand better, they risk being priced out of their home in the middle of a housing crisis.

There is no support for renters when their home does not meet the minimum standard and their landlord fails to act. Those who do speak up and take legal action are delayed by long VCAT waiting times and forced to live in unsafe and unhealthy conditions.

There is no time to waste on rental reform.

Part 1. A powerful week. #springst ...

Victoria Police need independent oversight.

It was particularly heartbreaking to read the comments from the boys` parents, who went to police seeking help that they never found.

Link in my bio! Let`s bring pill testing to Vic in time for the next festival season ...

Just asked Premier Allen will Labor introduce pill testing in Victoria after 11 hospitalisations so far this summer, 3 with nitazene in NSW, and a successful program in ACT.
Said they`re looking at the evidence...Still! After so many experts and coroner`s have called for this!

The evidence is in.

You can help us bring pill testing to Victoria in time for the next festival season.

Head to the link in my bio and email the premier in just a few clicks, to let her know that you want pill testing in Victoria.

Yesterday we had the first campaign meeting for the year to turn Wills Green and the room was packed!

Our first doorknock for the year will be on the 10th of February, head to the Vic Greens events page for more info.

It’s deeply concerning to see reports the Allan Labor Government plans to go against the recommendations of the experts - and the majority of Victorians - and fail to ban duck shooting. Share this post and tag your MP to let them know it’s not on.

The Greens will keep fighting to end this barbaric practice.

Sign up & join the fight - link in my bio 🦆

Always was. Always will be. ...

Always was. Always will be.

The Greens contingent to today`s rally will be meeting at the coles fountain, everyone is welcome to join.

Head to our events page for directions

It`s time to give IBAC more teeth.

Victorian`s shouldn`t have to accept the same old poor standards - now is the time for reform.

#vicpol #auspol #anticorruption

Bike is locked and I`m ready to shop!

More people commute on bikes in Brunswick than anywhere else in the country. But, the narrow bike lanes, illegally parked cars, busy traffic, and common accidents, mean a lot of cyclists avoid riding on Sydney Road.

It`s time we make Sydney Road a place that prioritised people, not cars.

Thanks @merribek.bug for the new tote 🚲