Homes, not hotels

This state budget, we have an opportunity to make more homes available for renters by regulating short stays like AirBnB.

Will you write to the Minister for Consumer Affairs and the Treasurer, asking them to properly regulate the short stays industry?

There are 48,000 homes on platforms like Airbnb. Labor’s proposed 7.5% levy on short stays alone will do little to turn investment properties into long-term homes. 

The Greens want to make more homes available to renters and owner-occupiers by capping the number of days a property can be listed as a short stay. 

To pass their levy, Labor will need our vote. The Greens won’t support any policies that will see the housing crisis get worse. 

A day cap will push investors to take their property off Airbnb and make homes available now to people who need them. Lots of cities around the world – London, Berlin, Amsterdam and New York – have introduced a day cap to stop property investors from snapping up homes just to put on Airbnb.

Our plan includes:

● A 90-day cap per year on listing a property as short-stay accommodation

● A mandatory public register of short-stay properties

● Powers for owners’ corporations to regulate short stays in apartment buildings.

You can help. Write to the Minister for Consumer Affairs on [email protected] to ask her to bring in a day cap and make homes available for renters and first-home buyers. (And please cc me – [email protected].)

It’s most effective if you write your own short email to the minister, but if you’re short on time, we’ve made it easy for you below.

Homes, not hotels



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