Rent Freeze Now

Everyone should be able to find a decent, affordable home.

But right now this is all but impossible for renters in Victoria. 

Rents are rising four times faster than wages, and a third of Victorian renters are spending more than they can afford on rent. Many people are just one rent rise away from homelessness.

The system is fixed to work for property investors, not renters.

The Greens have a plan to change that. 

We are calling on the Government to urgently freeze rents now before more people slip through the growing cracks in our rental system.

We’re calling on the Labor government to:

  • Freeze rents for two years to allow wages to catch up to rents
  • After the freeze, cap rent increases to 2% every 24 months
  • Regulate Airbnbs to make more homes available for long term rent
  • Ensure properties are leased out for the advertised price, to stop rental bidding pushing up rents
  • Properly enforce the tax on vacant properties so more homes are available for people to live in
  • Improve minimum standards and privacy protections for renters

If you’d like to support a rent freeze and keep up to date with the campaign, add your email. 

Together we can push the Victorian Labor government to go further and faster to fix the rental crisis.

Rent Freeze Now


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