We Need a Fairer Housing System

Give renters a fair go.

Around Brunswick, nearly half of our community rent their homes. Many people are struggling as rents continue to rise, with more and more renters paying upwards of 30% of their income on rent – it’s definition of housing stress.

With so many now locked out of home ownership, and more of us renting for longer, it’s time to make renting fair.

Governments should make sure there is enough affordable housing for everyone, and renters should be protected so they can enjoy a better standard of living.

Everyone can have an affordable home. But to make that happen Victoria needs to build more homes, introduce more protections for renters, and stop investors making huge profits.

Victoria’s major parties don’t have a credible plan to ease the cost of living for renters. 

I’m calling on the Victorian state government to:

  • End out-of-control rent rises
  • Create a Housing Ombudsman
  • Introduce new standards for energy efficiency and cooling in rentals
  • Enable longer, more secure leases
  • Protect renters’ privacy

When the government feels the pressure from the community, as well as the Greens in parliament, we can achieve big steps forward.

Ending homelessness is possible.

The simplest and most effective way to end homelessness is to provide enough affordable, long-term housing for everyone. But in Victoria, Labor and Liberal governments have neglected public housing for decades, and are now walking away from public housing by selling it off.

About 25,000 Victorians experience homelessness on any given night. Thousands more are living in financial stress and are only one paycheck away from losing their homes.

That’s why I’m calling on the Victorian state government to:

  • Build 100,000 new public homes in ten years, enough to house everyone on the public housing waiting list and more.
  • Provide a plan for long-term provision of affordable housing
  • Guarantee long term funding for homelessness services.
  • Provide community-controlled and appropriate housing for First Nations people and families

It’s time to make housing fair.

We Need a Fairer Housing System


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