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18 May 2021

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Late last year I heard something that shocked me, the rates of kids walking and riding to school were declining, nationally estimated at just 25% of trips as opposed to 75% of trips 40 years ago. Walking and riding to school is good for children’s health, communities and our environment.

I was determined to find out how I could help more families in Brunswick ride or walk to school.

After conducting a survey, it became clear that one of the key concerns for parents was the safety of the roads and footpaths for their kids. 

I set out to see how I could help so I visited each State school in the Brunswick electorate and met with school parents, principals and kids. My office compiled a LONG list of some of the key problem areas that I decided I would raise with the relevant council, the Department of Transport and the Brunswick police.

After various meetings, a few petitions and many letters, we’ve had some positive responses. 

Below I’ve shared some of the spots we’ve had some success in improving and some others that I’ve raised.

Success so far…

Reynard St outside Pascoe Vale South Primary

A new raised zebra crossing has been installed and the road has been slightly narrowed here to slow cars down. 

Nicholson St/Albion St bends, Brunswick East

The Department of Transport has agreed to ‘review the road geometry’ here. This is a good starting point and will hopefully lead to more effective improvements rather than just paint on the road and more signs.

De Carle St/Moreland Rd outside Moreland Primary school

The Department of Transport will be raising both sides of  the road on De Carle St where it intersects with Moreland Rd and making it ‘left in, left out’ only. This will prevent cars speeding across Moreland Rd and through the pedestrian crossing on De Carle St outside the school.

Dangerous pedestrian crossing Tullamarine Freeway Exit at Brunswick Road, Brunswick

The Department of Transport have indicated they will be doing some work to fix this dangerous pedestrian crossing. 

Speeding on Albion St outside Brunswick North Primary

Moreland Council will be conducting a speed study here in the coming weeks which will inform next steps for improving this spot. 

Union St Crossing at Wylie Reserve near Denzil Don Kindergarten

Moreland Council have agreed to put up some more signs here and do some counts to determine whether this spot is eligible for a zebra crossing. 

Miller St/John St roundabout, Brunswick East

Moreland Council will be looking into making this roundabout safer for pedestrians and parents with prams. 

Sydney Road/Barkly St intersection, Brunswick

Moreland Council is working with the Department of Transport to install some zebra crossings on the Barkly St on both the east and west sides. 

Dawson St/Moule St pedestrian crossing near Brunswick South West Primary

Moreland Council is looking at adding some line markings here to warn cars approaching the pedestrian crossing.

Other spots I’ve raised…

  • Pedestrian crossing for Moreland Road, between Melville and Coonans Rd, Brunswick West
  • Shaftsbury/Reynard St, Coburg 
  • Reynard St/Turnbull Drive crossing, Pascoe Vale South
  • Reynard St/Coonans Road, Pascoe Vale South
  • Lygon St at Weston St and Barkly St, Brunswick East
  • Lygon St/Albion St/Holmes St intersection, Brunswick East
  • Glenlyon and John St intersection, Brunswick East
  • Narrow footpaths on Glew St, Brunswick East
  • Pedestrian crossing for Blyth St (between Sydney Road and Lygon St), Brunswick
  • Nicholson St/Stewart St intersection, Brunswick East
  • Pedestrian crossing for the Moreland Road IGA near Queen St, Brunswick West
  • Brunswick Road/Ewing St Pedestrian Crossing, Brunswick East
  • Nicholson St/Albert Street in Brunswick East
  • Accessible tram stops on route 58 and 19
  • Various spots on St Georges Rd at Miller St, Clauscen St and Barkly St, Fitzroy North
  • Merri Creek Bridge, Fitzroy North

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