December Newsletter

Here are my latest updates from Parliament and around our community. Win for renters: vacant land tax During a housing crisis, homes should not be sitting empty.  After pushing Labor for stronger action on the housing crisis, the Greens successfully secured some relief for renters and those trying to find a home. Last week we passed […]

Government Integrity & Operation Sandon

When I knew Liam* a few years ago, he was a dairy farmer on the outskirts of Melbourne. Liam would tell me of his dream, to sell his farm to a developer who had knocked on his door one night. He would pocket the millions and retire to a country town. There’s no money in […]

Holding the government to account

The Greens have just won a major concession from the state Labor government, which will strengthen the integrity of our parliament and make it easier to hold the government to account.  Working with the crossbench, we’ve managed to end Labor’s dominance of the powerful Integrity and Oversight Committee. Until now, Labor held a majority of […]

Protecting Forest Activists

Recently in parliament I made a speech denouncing the government’s concerning new anti-forest protest bill. This bill will give authorities new, broad search and seizure powers, and discretion to restrict free movement in our forests based merely on suspicion that someone may commit an offence in the future. Plus, peaceful forest defenders will now face […]

Fixing Sydney Road

Sydney Road could be much easier to walk or ride a bike along, and with a rethink we could make it a much nicer place to shop, hang out, eat and drink, or see some music – no matter how you choose to get around.  But to get there, we need the state government to […]