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Meet Tim Read

A Little About Me

I’ve lived in Brunswick since the early 1990s when I started work as a GP in community health. We’ve raised a family here with children attending nearby government schools. Having kids in the community has drawn me into local events, like Brunswick Zebras soccer games or fundraisers.

As the kids were growing up I specialised in sexual health, did a PhD and now I work in a public HIV and sexual health clinic and I research antibiotic-resistant sexually transmitted infections. Many of my patients are gay men and it’s been a wonderful journey working in HIV as new treatments have been developed. The fear of HIV that complicated the lives of so many is quickly receding. I see a lot of overseas-born patients without Medicare and a lot of effort goes into obtaining treatment for people who fall between the cracks.

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My other medical interest is public health and preventive medicine. The advertising and promotion of products that make us sick have always infuriated me. It even got me arrested many years ago for spraying a health warning on a cigarette billboard. These days I’m a fan of the saying: “Don’t get mad, get elected.”

Now diabetes and heart disease are our biggest health problems and both are more common among people who are less physically active. So I’ve become interested in how we can make cities healthier by encouraging walking and cycling.

For example, public transport encourages walking to stops and stations. I ride my bike to work and I know the feeling of watching the parked cars to avoid being hit by an opening door. Separated bike lanes make streets safer for cycling and encourage more people to leave the car at home.

It’s not just human health that benefits. Australia had its highest year of carbon emissions last year and much of the increase was due to cars and trucks. So when we encourage public and active transport (walking and cycling) the health of the planet improves too.

I’ve always loved the bush. I’ve been on some great walks in the Otways, at the Prom and in Victoria’s high country. And earlier this year I rafted the Franklin River in Tasmania with my son. I want to see Australia’s forests, oceans and biodiversity protected from global warming. We urgently need to reduce our carbon emissions so that Australia can become a leader in tackling climate change rather than a querulous follower. Victoria burns the most polluting coal in the world, brown coal and I’m passionate about the need to wean our state off it.

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