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More trains on the Upfield Line

Our trains are crowded and infrequent and our population is growing. Sydney Road and the Upfield path are congested. We need trains every 10 minutes on the Upfield.

We need more trains on the Upfield Line

Melbournians make around 240 million trips each year on our suburban train network. Trains run in and out of the CBD every ten minutes or even more frequently on most lines, except the Upfield line which runs next to Sydney Road. The Upfield runs about three trains per hour. The best we get is every 18 minutes at peak hour.

So why are services so infrequent on the Upfield and what can be done to improve them? Two reasons are put forward for the Upfield’s infrequent services: the last section of the line from Gowrie station to Upfield station is single track, so only one train at a time can go north of Gowrie. There is also a limit to the number of trains the city loop can hold.

Melbourne Metro?

Melbourne Metro will solve the problem at the city end, when that is completed in 2022. Duplicating the line from Gowrie to Upfield would solve the other end of the problem and is part of PTV’s plan. But what about now? Without building anything, we could run additional services from Coburg station to Spencer St, between each existing service. This would provide a service every 10 minutes to the CBD to the majority of passengers using the line. Those living much further north than Coburg would not see any improvement until completion of Melbourne Metro, but the bulk of passengers travel from Coburg or stations further south.

Service is so sluggish on the Upfield line that more people ride their bikes to work from Brunswick than take the train. As our population grows, the congestion on Sydney Road will only worsen.

We need to take the pressure off Sydney Road, by giving people a frequent train service to the city.

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