Fighting for Better Public Transport.

I support transport polices which put people before cars; that means more public transport and cycling infrastructure.

We’ll build transport for communities, not corporations – and we’ll fund it by stopping the world’s most expensive road the $16 billion North East Link and Transurban’s latest gift, the $6.7 billion West Gate Toll Road.

The North East Link will occupy the median strip on the Eastern Freeway, long reserved for a rail line to Doncaster. It will cost more per kilometre than any road ever built and divert funds away from public transport for a decade. There are cheaper ways of fixing traffic in Melbourne’s north-east.

And Labor’s West Gate Toll Road will funnel more cars and trucks straight into the CBD and into inner suburbs like Brunswick. It’s a corporate dream approved with no public cost-benefit analysis, which will make our air pollution worse and increase traffic congestion permanently.

That’s billions of dollars that could fund the shortfall in public transport we need. The Greens have opposed the West Gate Toll Road from the beginning. With your vote, we know we can stop it – just like our campaigns in seats like Brunswick forced the government to abandon City Link last time around.

We’ll create the clean, fast, and affordable transport we need to make our cities liveable.

The Greens’ plan will drastically boost public transport and get more cars off the road. It will help make our cities livable for the long term, not put more taxpayer money into the hands of private toll operators. It will reduce transport pollution and crowding, improving our health and reducing our environmental footprint. In short, it will put communities first, not the interests of the road lobby and private toll operators.

Brunswick will get more frequent bus services and a separated bike lane from Bell St to St Kilda along Sydney Rd. We can run the train on the Upfield line six times an hour, rather than three and we will increase our order of long trams to help with overcrowding on our busiest tram lines, particularly routes 1, 6, 19 and 58.

Increasing bike safety with separated lanes will mean more people leave the car at home for short trips, which will reduce car traffic and make our neighbourhood more liveable. See this engaging video on the New York City experience.

Brunswick and Victoria can have greener, more sustainable communities – with faster and more efficient transport at our doors. We just need policies and city planning that follow the evidence, not the priorities of corporate vested interests.

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