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Fighting for Transport Policy.

I support transport polices which put people before cars: that means more public transport and cycling infrastructure.

Our community needs transport that’s truly fast, efficient, and sustainable.

Any commuter in Brunswick knows what it’s like to squeeze onto a crowded morning train, push your way into a packed tram, sit in a Sydney Road traffic jam, or risk cycling around swinging car doors. We also know what it’s like to wait for trams or trains that get delayed or cancelled, as more and more cars arrive on our roads.

We know how to make this better, but decades of Labor and Liberal governments haven’t taken the decisions we need. Even the current government, despite committing to Metro, is still pouring much more cash into more toll roads which boost corporate bottom lines, and create more traffic jams after they’re built.

We can do so much better. The Greens have the courage and independence to put real transport solutions into practice.

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