Fighting for Forests.

Precious, decades old trees are being logged at an alarming rate. The majority of logged wood is pulped to become Reflex copy paper. The Victorian Labor Government uses taxpayers dollars to prop up a destructive and economically unviable industry. We are calling for action to protect our forests before it is too late.

The Great Forest National Park is essential to protect old growth forests near Melbourne from destructive logging, preserving the city’s water supply and critical habitat.

An hour east of Melbourne is some of the most beautiful bush in Australia. The splendid mature trees here trap more carbon than any other type of forest, and the rain they catch provides the city’s water, while many of our endangered marsupials live in their hollows. But on two trips this year, l saw broad areas of these forests bulldozed to the ground and tonnes of unused wood burned. Across the state,  the Victorian government is subsidising clearfell logging on an industrial scale, turning precious native forests into paper.

These unique, endangered forests need protection. The Greens will create the Great Forest National Park across the Central Ranges, near Melbourne’s North East. This new park will provide more local jobs through local and international tourism, protect habitat, keep carbon out of the atmosphere, and  preserve our city water supply.

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