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Make Victoria 100% clean energy powered

I support a transition to 100% clean energy for Victoria, creating the jobs of the future and slowing dangerous climate change.

Turn our power clean, green, and affordable to safeguard our future.

People in Brunswick know climate change is real, and we can’t understand why Victoria is still burning almost a million tonnes of brown coal every week. This means we have the most polluting power in the world – and it’s not even cheap. While vulnerable Victorians live in fear of their electricity bill, privatised energy companies drive up prices while reaping huge profits.

I visited Yallourn Power station in July. It’s our oldest and dirtiest power plant and burns 18 million tonnes of brown coal each year, sending all that carbon and other pollutants straight into the atmosphere. It’s also in bad shape, with breakdowns that put an enormous strain on our electricity network.

Rapid transition to renewable energy transition presents huge opportunities, but we need a Government with the vision to seize them. The Greens want to see an electricity sector that saves people money AND closes polluting brown coal power stations, that transition our economy to clean sources of energy like wind, solar, and batteries.

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