Plastics Don’t Belong in our Rivers and Oceans

Walk down Merri Creek after heavy rain and you’ll see plastic bags and bottles stuck all along banks. Visit many of our beautiful beaches and you’ll find more and more plastic washed up on the sand. Nobody can ignore how our plastic pollution is spreading. It kills over a million penguins, turtles and fish each year. It never goes away.

There are simple steps forward, including real bans on plastic bags, and container deposit schemes that keep plastic bottles, bags, and more, out of our oceans and our environment. On August 8 the Greens introduced legislation for just such a scheme, but both Labor and Liberal voted it down. They said we didn’t need it – maybe they decided they need their donations from drinks companies like Coca Cola more. Every state except Victoria and Tasmania will soon have a scheme like this. What do they know that our two old parties don’t?

We need to get serious about recycling in this state, to protect our environment and our health, and to create the jobs of a sustainable economy.

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