Fighting for Fairer Housing.

Help us make house ownership available for every one.

Homes For All

Everyone needs a home where they can feel secure, live comfortably and be part of the community

The Liberal/National and Labor parties have set the rules so that buying a home or having decent rights when you rent is increasingly difficult for millions of us. Right now, wealthier people are claiming tax deductions on their second, third or fourth house while young people, young families and those on lower incomes face a future where they may never own a home.

How much money you have shouldn’t determine whether or not you have a decent and stable place to live. With so many of us now locked out of home ownership, we need better protections for those of us who rent to make homes more affordable and provide secure rental options for the long-term.

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Protecting Renters

Australia has one of the most out-of-control rental markets in the world. People looking to rent a home often find themselves competing against dozens of other applicants, facing application discrimination.

Rights and protections for renters:
Renting is a long-term reality for more people than ever before, but people who rent are getting a raw deal. Too often, rental properties are used as a way for dodgy landlords to maximise their income at the expense of tenants’ security, safety and rights.

Stopping Rental Bidding:
When people find a home they like, they often get trapped in ‘rental auctions’ which drive up the cost to secure a home.

Creating the home you want:
For those lucky enough to have an application approved, the problems don’t stop there. People who rent face soaring prices and unfair rent increases, poor conditions, leaks and broken appliances that are not fixed in a timely manner, and no guarantees of staying beyond a one year lease.

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A Home For Your Pet

Many landlords discriminate against the most important member of our household, our pet.

People renting with pets face increased discrimination that leaves them with little choice but to compromise on the quality and location of their home, or hide the fact they have a pet.

You shouldn’t have to chose between the place you love and the animals you love.

Ending Homelessness

Our home is the centre of our lives. Without a comfortable and secure home it is hard to go to work,
raise a family, maintain our health, or be part of our local communities.

A Home When You Need

There are a lot of reasons that you may find yourself with nowhere to go and a friend’s couch or
a car is not a sustainable option. Your relationship breaks down. You’ve been made redundant at work. You’ve
been kicked out for being gay by a homophobic landlord.

Never get caught without somewhere to live

Suddenly being without a home can happen to any of us and that’s why social housing services are so important. We all deserve to be helped up if we find ourselves falling.

But successive Liberal/National and Labor governments have strangled and cut our social housing supply, leaving many people without a secure home and stuck on waiting lists for years.

Stable & affordable housing when we need it most

Australia’s social housing sector is small, making up less than 5% of homes. In many progressive European countries, social housing makes up between 10%-30%. Expanding our social housing sector is the key to ensuring we all have a home.

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Fairing Housing

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