An industry built on cruelty

Greyhound racing is not a sport, nor is it not a tourist attraction: it is cruelty to our best friends.

An estimated 17,000 greyhounds are killed each year as a result of greyhound racing – just because they were not ‘fast’ enough to live.

As an animal lover, I think that this is not only totally unacceptable, it is industrial cruelty. Tens of thousands of young greyhounds are bred for racing each year, but an estimated 40% of them are then put down as puppies because they are seen as unfit to race – and therefore to live. Those that do survive are subject to cruel living conditions, and hundreds die on tracks each year. Some greyhounds are kept alive just be used for blood transfusions for others. Live-baiting, despite being banned across Australia, continues as a widespread practice within Victoria.

No amount of regulations or industry oversight is sufficient to end these cruel practices. It is time to #shutitdown. 

I believe it is immoral to allow industrial-scale animal cruelty to continue in Victoria.

Daniel Andrew’s Labor Party has pledged $4 million in funds to the industry if they win re-election

Greyhound racing will not end under a majority government led by Daniel Andrews and Victorian Labor.

In fact, the Premier has announced a $4 million dollar taxpayer-funded package to the industry should they win re-election. $1 million of that alone is to be put towards prize money for breeders.

Rather than working towards an end to the industry and a just transition for trainers and workers, the Government is seeking to win votes through cruelty. 

Only by electing Greens into the balance of power can we force Labor to reverse its support for greyhound racing and implement a plan to shut down this cruelty.

We need to #shutitdown.

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