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Could voting Green help the Liberals win?2018-08-15T11:01:38+00:00

No. The Liberals have no chance of winning the seat of Brunswick. They only got 16% of the primary votes in 2014, compared to the Greens 39.7% and Labor 38%. The Liberals are completely opposed to everything the Greens stand for and would undermine all the environmental and social reforms we want, so we do not want them in government and they will not receive our preferences.

What can the Greens achieve if they can’t form government?2018-08-15T11:02:27+00:00

There’s every chance we’ll win Brunswick and Richmond, as both are on a margin of less than 900 votes. With the three other seats we have in the state lower house, this would give us five seats. Labor would need our help to form government and they’ll have to improve their policies for that to happen.

Even without balance of power, we’ve achieved big things. Greens campaigning and increasing votes played a big role in stopping the East West Link. We made recent legislation on political donations much stronger and more transparent. The more votes we get, the more Labor has to pay attention to us – even if it means copying our policies, for the us that’s a win because it’s the policies that count.

Does my vote matter in Brunswick?2018-08-15T11:03:02+00:00

Absolutely! Brunswick is one of the most closely contested seats in Victoria. Only a few hundred people need to change their vote to elect a Green MP this time around. Your vote is more powerful here than almost anywhere else in the state. You have the chance to decide between a Victoria run for big business and one run for people, a Victoria that is kind to its climate or one that is powered by dirty fossil fuels

Who will the Greens be preferencing?2018-08-15T11:03:47+00:00

While the final order of the Greens’ preferences are yet to be decided, we will never preference the Liberal Party ahead of the Labor Party in Brunswick. Not preferencing the Liberals means that if you follow the Greens’ how-to-vote-card, you can make sure your vote will never elect a Liberal MP, regardless of whether the Greens win in Brunswick.

What is the balance of power and why does it matter?2018-08-15T11:04:48+00:00

Governments often have a majority of seats in the Parliament , which means they don’t have to work with anyone else to make or change laws. When no party wins a majority in Parliament, the balance of power refers to a group, or individual, who have the deciding vote in a Parliament. When the Government doesn’t have a majority in the lower house of Parliament, they need to work with other parties to pass legislation.

Power-sharing Parliaments are common in many parts of the world, and are the norm in Australia’s state and federal upper houses. Since 2000, Australia has seen a power-sharing Parliament in almost every state and territory.

What is the difference between the Greens and Labor?2018-08-15T11:05:38+00:00

The Greens and Labor differ on many key issues facing Victoria.

The Greens will create a Great Forest National Park, protecting Melbourne’s watershed for future generations. Labor have allowed logging to continue in some of Victoria’s last old-growth forests, putting our water supply at risk.

The Greens want to see a transport system the gets Victorians where they need to go, when they want to get there. A system with frequent trams and trains to help us get about quickly, cleanly and cheaply. Labor want to build more giant roads, which only increase congestion and cost commuters money.

The Greens don’t take corporate donations. We rely on small donations from our supporters to fund our campaigns. Labor accepts donations from the likes of property developers and the pokies lobby.

Despite these differences, the Greens will continue to find areas where we can work together with others in the Parliament to achieve progressive outcomes. We will work to get the best for Victorians, whatever the Parliament they elect looks like.

FAQ’s About Tim Read

Why are you running for Parliament?2018-07-15T12:38:42+00:00
Can I call you/talk to you?2018-07-15T12:35:32+00:00
What will you actually do if you get into Parliament?2018-07-15T12:35:31+00:00

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