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A Flying Koala

On Sunday I was invited to tour forests near Toolangi, northeast of Melbourne to witness firsthand the destruction that VicForests, a state-operated logging company is reaping on Victoria's Native Forests. During my visit, I learned [...]

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Parliament update – September

Friends, The blog’s been a bit quiet lately, so it’s high time I gave you an update on happenings in Spring St: WE ADDED ANOTHER 25% TO THE GREENS PARTY ROOM https://www.facebook.com/TimReadGreens/videos/2169433603350006/ Last week [...]

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Make the Victorian Budget a climate budget

Yesterday should have been the day the Victorian Budget was handed down. Instead, it was postponed at the last moment until the 27th of May. Whatever the state government’s reasons for this delay, we think [...]

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2nd pill testing trial a huge success.

Yesterday Groovin the Moo festival in Canberra hosted the second trial of pill testing in Australia. Like the first, it’s being hailed a huge success(1). Seven people dumped pills containing a potentially deadly substance. More [...]

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A win for recycling but it’s not all good news.

Its been another fascinating week in parliament. We had a victory on Wednesday with the legislative council narrowly voting in support of our plan for a parliamentary enquiry into Victoria’s waste crisis.  The government has [...]

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What an incredible week

What an incredible week. After my first speech I was feeling a bit more comfortable around parliament and for a while even managed to find my way around the underground halls without getting (too) lost. [...]

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8 Things about my first speech.

I recently gave my first speech to Victoria's 59th Parliament. I had a rough draft in my laptop but after some advice last week, decided on a major rewrite. The next day, I heard I had [...]

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Pressure builds on pill testing

“You can’t treat people for drug overdoses when they are dead” (Ambulance Employees Australia general secretary Danny Hill: The Age, Jan 29th, 2019).  As a doctor, I couldn’t agree more. [Image: Hanging out at the [...]

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